Product tanker attacked off Anambas Islands

Singapore: Once again authorities in the region are hunting a missing product tanker, a likely target of pirates. On Friday, the Honduras registered product tanker Moresby 9 carrying 2,200 metric tonnes of MGO was boarded by unknown number of perpetrators at or about 1938 hrs 34 nautical miles from the Anambas Islands.

Regional navies and enforcement agencies were alerted to the attack. The Indonesian Navy visited the site where the incident took place but was unable to locate the ship. Since then, the owners have made contact with the ship, although its location and status remains a mystery.

Moresby 9 had a previous incident in 2013, but siphoning of fuel was foiled by the presence of Malaysian authorities at the incident.

There has been a huge jump in the number of attacks, with local robbers focusing on small product tankers transiting international waters.  [07/07/14]

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