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Qingdao Port involved in two more court cases

Dalian: Hong Kong-listed Qingdao Port announced Pacorini Metals Logistics has filed two lawsuits against the company and Qingdao Hongtu Logistics at Qingdao Maritime Court.

Pacorini Logistics claimed that it suffered damage from its unavailability to 8,085.189 tonnes of aluminum ingots due to refusal by Qingdao Hongtu and Qingdao Port to hand the cargo over, and it has requested the court to order them to deliver the cargo or compensate for the cargo.

Qingdao Port claimed that the cargo was stored at its Dagang branch under the name of Qingdao Hongtu, a third party cargo shipment agency and the cargo has been detained by the public security authority due to suspected involvement in illegal activities as Qingdao Hongtu is under a fraud investigation as well.

Qingdao Port is currently dealing a lawsuit with CITIC regarding a similar matter. The first hearing of the case will be held on October 28. Qingdao port said it will vigorously contest the allegations. [19/08/14]


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