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Qingdao Port violates environmental regulations

Dalian: The Ministry of Environmental Protection announced yesterday that the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report of Qingdao Port’s Huangdao oil terminal project will not be approved by the ministry as the port is not developing an 80,000 dwt oil terminal as applied for, but a 250,000 dwt one.

“That means it is an illegal project,” Xia Qing, Vice President of Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences said to local media. “Even if it applies again, the ministry still won’t approval it, as the change of the project needs the approval from NDRC,” he added.

Qingdao Port is currently under a major development, however, its major projects have been constantly given the red light by the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

In February, the ministry also declined the EIA report of the Dongjiakou iron ore terminal project in which billions of RMB has been invested.

A port industry source said that many ports have been developing terminal projects in order to enhance their competitiveness and promote the local economy, and the local governments are also giving them a relatively loose environmental protection policy. [11/07/13]

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