Greater China

Quality of Chinese OSV construction under the spotlight

Singapore: The build quality of OSVs in China came under intense scrutiny at Offshore Marine Asia yesterday. The conference organised by NHST Events had a sharply divided audience on the merits of China in OSV construction. George Horsington, president of business development at Jaya Holdings, a notable southeast Asian OSV builder, questioned the quality of ships coming out of China. The People’s Republic accounts for more than three quarters of all OSVs under construction. Quick to counter these allegations was Mike Meade, ceo of M3 Marine, the leading OSV brokers.

“You can build quality in China as long as you have a solid contract, rugged specification and a clearly defined makers list. Add good and high levels of supervision and China can – and does – build good OSVs,” Meade told SinoShip News, a message he echoed at the conference.  [31/10/12]

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