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Radio Holland: The future of maritime IT and communications

RH Marine Group announced a month ago that Paul Smulders has been appointed CEO of Radio Holland.

Smulders started his career ashore at Radio Holland in 1989 as sales engineer, deepsea, after a career at sea as nautical officer.

In 2012 he left Radio Holland to become CEO at Netwave Systems, a manufacturer of maritime data collection systems.

Now back at Radio Holland, Smulders says his priority is to: “show that we are the true market leader in NavCom and maintenance in the global maritime industry”.

Maritime IT and communications is going through a revolution, Smulders says.

“Remote support – diagnostics, monitoring, managing equipment onboard – will take a flight,” he says. Radio Holland has just booked remote maintenance contracts for example with China Navigation for its fleet.

Other trends and developments which will take a more prominent place in the maritime industry, according to Smulders, is performance management and support and big data.

Problems ahead as the industry grapples the concept of ‘smart shipping’, according to Smulders, include diversity in the IT landscape, no standardisation and no protocols.

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