RCL and Cosco collaborate

Bangkok: RCL has added Nansha to its current RBC2 rotation, which now calls at three Thai ports, then Nansha, Ningbo and Shanghai, using three 1,000 teu ships.

RCL has also welcomed on board Cosco as partner and vessel contributor on the RBC2 service. Cosco will charter the Danu Bhum ship from RCL as a result.

Sumate Tanthuwanit, president of RCL, said: "This new joint service heralds a new era in RCL's cooperation with Cosco. Asia leads the world in terms of GDP growth today and in all likelihood, this will be the same scenario for many years to come as well. With our common interests in Asia and our Asian heritage, we hope that this cooperation is the start of more to come in line with Asia's rise." [17/04/13]

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