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Rustibus: ‘Now the focus is on product development’

Oslo: Kristian Dalseide is animated when meeting up with Maritime CEO, his company going through a massively busy time with plenty of new products coming through. Dalseide has been at the helm of the Dalseide Group with his sister since last August and he is full of energy.

As well as the range of descaling devices under the Rustibus brand, the group has many other interconnected companies. Dalseide Elektro is a major supplier of electric services while DG Marine delivers high quality turnkey workboats. There’s also Gener8, which helps customers in consulting, internationalization and realization of transactions. The group also launched Propio in 2010, a cable cleaning firm. However, Rustibus is the main revenue earner and the main point of focus.

For all the proven technology at his firm Dalseide stresses the importance of being close to customers, a popular refrain among service provider executives, but clearly one he is genuinely passionate about.

“People don’t want a machine, they want a solution,” Dalseide says. “We talk to them, listen to their needs and provide a solution. We follow up, make sure everything is utilised and is working as intended.”

Dalseide compares this to going to the doctor – you know you need medicine before you go, but you aren’t sure what medicine is needed.

To this end, Rustibus is shortly launching an app, where clients can key in their requirements, and the app points them in the right direction.

Dalseide reckons shipping has become a lot more people-centric during the past tough years.

“The trend is towards people being the most important aspect for shipowners,” he says. “Ten years ago owners were talking about their vessels, now they are talking about their people. It’s becoming more important and will continue to do so.”

The Dalseide Group started in 1978 by Kristian’s father, Tore and two uncles. It started out as an electrical/mechanical repair shop, aimed mostly at fishing vessels and product development, which a few years later became the Rustibus products.

An Antwerp office opened in 1994, Singapore in 2000, and Houston three years later.

Expansion geographically will likely see a Dubai office open next, and in the future, Australia, West Africa, and South America are all possibilities.

The model, Dalseide says, is to own offices and distribution and to work with customers long term.

Since the August change of management, Rustibus has never been so busy, with five more products coming up for release soon.

“The last 10 to 15 years have been about business development, now the focus is on product development,” Dalseide says.

As well as its range of maintenance products, the group has developed many safety tools such as the Safe Edge and soon to launch Safe Air and Safe Lift.


Dalseide was talking to Maritime CEO as part of a brand new magazine on surface preparation launched today.

Readers can access the magazine for free here.

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