Sailors’ Society funds fishing boats

Manila: After an incredible response to its Typhoon Haiyan Emergency Appeal last year, Sailors' Society has partnered with the Homer Foundation to provide fishing boats for struggling seafarers’ families.

Donations received from the global shipping industry are funding the project to reinvigorate local industry in Filipino seafaring communities and relieve pressure on seafarers.

A huge proportion of the world's seafarers hail from small villages in the Visayas region of the Philippines, which was ravaged by the super typhoon in November. Often seafarers from these areas support not only their family, but others in the same village group, on the strength of a single wage.  As a result, many of these coastal communities have traditionally supported themselves through local fishing, providing an additional income and whilst seafaring members are away from home.

Thousands of small fishing vessels were destroyed when Haiyan hit, and this vital supplementary income was ripped away.
The Homer Foundation identifies community clusters where there is a high proportion of seafarers and provides replacement fishing boats, helping these communities to once again become strong and self-sustaining.  [08/08/14]

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