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Salalah outlines long term plans

Dubai: Salalah Port has unveiled a 20-year development plan, which includes a cruise terminal, new government dedicated berths for security forces plus a functional connection to the GCC rail link. It will also feature a multi-product and multi-user liquid terminal, logistics and multi-modal transport facilities, national food reserve silos, warehousing and distribution centres, food processing and distribution centres, agro products distribution centre and a large number of tourism facilities for cruise tourists.

"In Salalah, we already have a steady number of tourists arriving by sea, and an exponentially growing number of tourists visiting in Khareef and the winter season. So the envisioned cruise terminal would not act as a major attraction to pull visitors to Salalah, but rather a major attraction landmark for the hundreds of thousands who visit Salalah annually," a spokesperson for the port told local media.

A total of 34 cruise vessels visited the port in 2013 while 33 cruise vessels visited in 2012.  [20/05/14]

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