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Satcom Global: VSAT launch

British firm Satcom Global launched this week, Aura: a global VSAT solution offering customisable packages.

Already live on a wide variety of vessels and fixed remote locations around the world following a trial period, Aura is flexible offering bespoke packages with high bandwidth speeds, as well as multiple hardware and L-Band backup options, Satcom Global Aura combines easy setup and an uncomplicated installation, with a low cost of ownership to ensure customers are not faced with unexpected costs.

On the rationale for creating Aura, Ian Robinson, Satcom Global’s ceo tells Maritime CEO: “We didn’t feel comfortable with selling our customers a service labelled high speed, which came with a restrictive access policy and a potential layer of additional tariffs.” Robinson notes a number of high profile deals announced recently at heavily discounted rates, all of which bypass the operators gateway controls.

Equally he has seen the introduction of new low price, low grade plans with no CIR commitment, which signal, he reckons, an end to the closed network business model.

“Our approach from the start has been to start with an open pipe philosophy and work with each of our customer’s individually to ensure they get the maximum value from the enhanced network capability,” Robinson says.

IT and procurement teams want transparency and flat fees providing predictable monthly costs that allow for accurate OpEx budgeting, Robinson argues.

The biggest challenge Robinson faces is persuading owners that the advantages of VSAT justify the investment required.

“I think,” he says, “this will require a combination of end user education and new competitive pricing models. The ball is firmly in our court we have to make the value proposition irresistible, it will be the defining line between success and failure.”


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