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SC Lowy looks at shipping joint ventures

Hong Kong: Hong Kong’s SC Lowy, a firm specialising in distressed debt financing, is looking at the possibility of entering into a joint venture with a shipping company. Speaking with our sister site, Maritime CEO, Soo Cheon Lee, the company’s co-founder, said a possible avenue of expansion for SC Lowy is to get involved in a JV as support and co-investor with a company that is restructuring debt and altering their model. There are many shipping companies in this position today, Lee noted.

SC Lowy has already helped out many hard-hit shipping firms during the downturn, providing credit to the likes of Nanjing Tanker, Nautilus, Berlian Laju Tanker, Zim, Torm, and Pan Ocean.  

For the full interview, click here.  [27/11/14]

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