Schlumberger launches seismic survey in Campeche Basin offshore Mexico

Multinational oil field service firm Schlumberger on Tuesday launched a new survey in the Campeche Basin in Mexican Gulf of Mexico (GoM) waters.

It’s an expansion of what the company says is the industry’s first multi-client wide-azimuth seismic data portfolio in the GoM.

Wide-azimuth is an advanced seismic data acquisition technique that gives more refined imaging from the recorded seismic ray paths. An azimuth is a term from geometry referring to an angular measurement in a spherical coordinate system – commonly used in engineering, mapping, astronomy, navigation and artillery.

With this wide-azimuth approach Schlumberger expects completion of the seismic acquisition programme by early next year. The results should give customers access to high-quality images to support future appraisal campaigns in the GoM.

The Campeche Basin poses subsurface challenges and complex geology which wide-azimuth acquisition and broadband imaging can overcome.

As well as seismic data acquisition Schlumberger, supplies services such as formation evaluation, well testing and directional drilling.

Schlumberger was founded in France in 1926. Now its principal offices are in Paris, Houston, London and The Hague.


Donal Scully

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