Greater China

Seaco shifts to be part of Bohai Leasing

Shanghai: Seaco’s corporate position with the HNA group of companies has been adjusted so that it now sits within the equipment leasing division of Bohai Leasing Co, a company listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange.

“All parties are pleased with the transaction and believe the synergies of being within Bohai but remaining under HNA will add value to Bohai’s shareholders and Seaco,” Seaco said in a release.

HNA bought out Seaco in 2011. Seaco is one of the world’s largest container leasing companies with around 1m teu on its books.

“It is 100% business as usual for Seaco and there are no changes from an operating perspective or its residence in Barbados,” Seaco concluded.  [03/01/14]

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