SEACOGS: One-stop shop

Fremantle: Australian Heath Stewart has formed an online portal, SEACOGS, which, he says, is a one stop shop that provides information, services and products immediately available to all maritime-oriented organisations

Stewart’s background is firmly rooted in the marine industry. He has operated within a number of roles over the past 20 plus years starting on the deck as a junior before progressing to engineer, mate, master, educator and trainer, fleet manager, general manager and marine consultant. This background allows Stewart to understand the complexities and difficulties experienced in navigating the broad spectrum of day to day hurdles associated with operating vessels in unfamiliar ports and surrounding waters. These include meeting project specific requirements of construction, oil and gas majors. These challenges inspired the establishment of SEACOGS, a website, which aims to streamline the way business is conducted by providing a tool that connects customers, trades and services providers, and industry professionals via an easy to use and effective global marine network.

“As marine companies embrace e-commerce and seek to benefit from online opportunities, SEACOGS can be a key driver and enabler of this trend that is set to transform the global marine industry,” says Stewart.

It is Heath’s contention that the global marine industry would benefit greatly by having a central hub. In his experience, most of the world’s service providers are usually only recognised within their own and a few surrounding ports. “Very few are recognised nationally within their own country or let alone globally. Effectively, they are off the radar so to speak,” he says. “By utilising SEACOGS,” he continues, “members can achieve increased exposure so that they can be easily found and contacted directly by users across the globe. This is especially useful when users have limited or no local knowledge in a particular port and surrounding waters.”

Key features of include Port Directory, Vessels, Classifieds, Tenders and Careers sections.  [16/10/13]

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