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Seacos: Trim take-up

Singapore: As most of the shipping industry remains in slowdown mode, top of shipping companies’ minds is how to minimise costs. And although technology may be a viable solution over the long term, it involves capital that companies may not be willing or able to invest.

Trim optimisation, on the other hand, is a low-cost solution thatcompanies can adopt. Defined simply, trim optimisation is finding the optimum trim angle at a given displacement and speed where the required propulsion power is lower than for any other trim angle at that condition.

It does not require any hull shape modification or engine upgrade. Instead, the optimisation can be done by proper ballasting or choosing of proper loading plan.

D-TROP is Seacos’ trim optimisation offering, which allows savings of up to 5% by maximising fuel efficiency. The company will be exhibiting at Asia Pacific Maritime 2016 in two weeks time, one of Asia’s biggest exhibitions and conferences, where they will be showcasing their trim optimisation solutions for the maritime sector.

Dr Wilfred Rachan, managing director of IS Seacos Asia, tells Maritime CEO their technology is most keenly taken on by the container and multipurpose sectors. Return on investment (ROI) all depends on the price of oil, Rachan says.

“If the fuel cost is low the ROI takes a longer period, on the other hand when the fuel cost is high it can be recovered in a matter of months,” he says.


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