SeaZip Offshore Service signs further contract for two Damen ships

Singapore: Damen Shipyards and SeaZip Offshore Service have signed another contract for two Damen Fast Crew Suppliers (FCS) 2610. The two new vessels, to be named SeaZip 3 and SeaZip 4, will be mobilised in transporting personnel and small quantities of freight to North Sea offshore wind farms. They will be built in Singapore.

The new orders follow the delivery last year of two FCS 2610 – named SeaZip 1 and SeaZip 2 – that have been performing at the Nordsee Ost and DanTysk offshore wind farms in the German Bight. “The vessels are great performers ideal for operations and maintenance work,” said SeaZip Offshore Services managing director Jan Reier Arends. “They are both under contract until mid-2015 showing how happy our customers are with them.” The two new vessels will display certain changes to the design: “By listening to feedback from our customers, we have come up with a few innovations,” explained Arends.

Both new vessels will be built at Damen Shipyards Singapore and delivered to SeaZip Offshore Service, a sister company of the JR Shipping Group, by March 2015.

With the FCS 2610 – with its Twin Axe Bow design – the vessel offers reduced peak accelerations of up to 75%, reduced added resistance in waves of up to 60% and has already transferred maintenance crew to turbines in wave heights of 1.9 m.  [24/09/14]

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