Setramar seeks solution for stranded Ardita in Canada

Ravenna-based Armamento Setramar decided to offer an outstretched hand to McKeil Marine of Canada in order to solve the dispute which led to the arrest of the general cargo ship Ardita in the port of Hamilton with 14 seafarers onboard. Recently local media in Canada reported that the vessel’s sale had been blocked by Italian banks but UniCredit has told Splash that they would be “ready and pleased to find a rapid solution in accordance with the company’s debt restructuring process currently underway”.

Setramar’s ceo, Nicolò Poggiali, also wants to send a message of peace to McKeil Marine through Splash. On the dispute he said: “First of all I’d like to point out that the two parties were not in negotiation for a sale but for a bareboat charter with sale options subject to several market conditions. That’s the reason why the vessel was in Hamilton and made some works of refit in order to be reflagged and able to serve the local cabotage routes on the lakes.”

The Italian shipowner hopes that at the end an agreement with McKeil Marine may be reachable somehow: “There are several doable options to solve the dispute with a commercial agreement since an arrested ship is not a good thing neither for us nor for the banks. Going on with a legal argument would be the worst option for all the counterparts both on the time and on the economic sides and that’s the reason why we would like to find a commercial agreement in a short period of time”.


Nicola Capuzzo

Nicola is a highly qualified journalist focused on transport economics, logistics and shipping with broad experience in both online and printed media. Specialties: shipping, ship finance, banking, commodities and port economics. He regularly interviews Europe's top shipowner executives for Maritime CEO magazine.
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