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Shandong Shipping Alliance established

Qingdao: Shandong Shipping Alliance has been established by several shipping companies in Shandong province on December 1, in an effort to help local shipping companies to get through difficult times.

Shandong Shipping Alliance is led by Shandong Shipping Corporation, and it plans to establish a joint management entity for all the vessels of the member companies, and all vessels of the same type will be managed under a unified platform.

“The establishment of the alliance will help optimize the industry’s structure, cost control and ability to resist risk and also avoid unhealthy competition within the industry,” said Bao Jianying, President of Shandong Shipping Corporation.

During the same time at a shipping forum in Qingdao, Song Dexing, Secretary Chief, Water Transport Department of MOT, also called on all the local shipowner associations and shipping-related committees to help facilitate collaborations between shipping companies to enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry. [03/12/12]

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