Greater China

Shanghai clashes with Singapore for leading IMC status

Singapore: Shanghai is set to compete with Singapore for primacy on the world maritime stage in the coming years, according to early votes from Maritime CEO’s, our sister title, Future of Shipping Poll.
The eastern Chinese metropolis, which has just beaten Singapore for the fourth straight year to be crowned global boxport champion, ranks second to the Southeast Asian republic in the poll in terms of which city will be the most vibrant for shipping in the coming five years, but has edged closer in recent voting. In other China-centric news from the poll, voters are in no doubt that China will control the world’s largest merchant fleet by 2020 with nearly two thirds of the more than 1,000 respondents voting in favour of the People’s Republic to surpass the likes of Greece and Japan in the coming years.
The Maritime CEO Future of Shipping Poll closes this Friday. It takes two minutes to fill in and requires no registration. Click here to have your say.  [07/01/14]

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