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Shanghai retains boxport crown

Shanghai: Despite a weak second quarter Shanghai’s port powered through in the second half of the year to keep Singapore at bay and retain its crown as the world’s busiest boxport for the fourth straight year. Official data showed Shanghai handled 33.6m teu last year, a growth of 3.3%, giving it at least a window of around 1m teu from Singapore, it’s nearest competitor which has yet to reveal its full year figures.

While Shanghai remained the largest boxport in the world it looks likely that it has relinquished its position as the world’s largest port overall to its neighbour to the south, Ningbo-Zhoushan.

Shanghai will accelerate the implementation of shipping-rated policies in the new free trade zone and study the launch of the trading of freight index derivatives, the Shanghai Urban Construction and Communications Commission said.

In other China boxport news it looks certain Shenzhen has surpassed Hong Kong to third place. The former British colony, the largest container port in the world until 2005, has slumped to fourth place, relying on transhipment cargoes for any form of growth. Meanwhile, among all Chinese major ports the fastest grower by some distance was Dalian with year-on-year growth surpassing 20% in 2013. Dalian’s stellar year formed a pattern with ports in the north the fastest growers followed by the Yangtze river delta with the erstwhile pioneers of container domination in the Pearl river delta the slowest.  [06/01/14]



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