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Shesh Venkatraman: The next chapter

News yesterday that Shesh Venkatraman will be departing his position of chief executive officer at Singapore offshore operator Miclyn Express Offshore (MEO) early next year was greeted by Splash readers with plenty of warm wishes for one of the best known, and most respected, names in the Southeast Asian offshore sector.

“Good luck to him! Definitely one of the most pleasant and knowledge CEOs in the OSV industry,” wrote one reader.

Today, in a Maritime CEO interview, Venkatraman reveals what he intends to do going forward.

“After nearly 20 years in senior management positions, over the past many months I have been contemplating a change – namely, the desire to spend the rest of my active years teaching and consulting, with the objective of delivering value to a wider group of beneficiaries rather than just one company or organization,” the offshore veteran says, adding: “I may be presumptuous in this belief, but this year I thought I owed it to myself to try.”

Venkatraman will relinquish his position at the end of March 2018, with MEO saying he had always intended to serve a three-year stint at the helm after taking over from Diederik de Boer in July 2015.

Venkatraman initially joined MEO as deputy CEO in September 2014 having previously served as CEO of the Jaya Group, managing the sale of the company to Australia’s MMA Offshore. Prior to that he served at Indian offshore operator Greatship for more than seven years.

“The last 20-plus years have been amazing. I have had the pleasure and privilege of working in three greenfield projects, one turn-around and lately three years in MEO holding the company afloat in one of the worst storms that has devastated our domain,” Venkatraman recounts. In his characteristically humble manner, he continues: “I have been truly fortunate to have worked with amazing people at all levels – promoters, shareholders, directors, peers, managers, executives and staff. I have learnt so much; and while doing so, have also learnt that I know so little.”

From March next year Venkatraman’s life will take a different tack, split three ways. He plans to teach life skills coupled with any and all subjects, with the hope of preparing young and not so privileged adolescents to develop a more mature perspective of life, and help them build a personal vision and plan for themselves. Secondly, he wants to work as an advisor or consultant or director with offshore services companies. Finally, the aim is also to play more tennis, spend more time travelling with his wife to far-flung places she has always wanted to visit, and perhaps publish an anthology of short stories that he has been writing over many years.


  1. Dear Shesh, You are one of the brightest minds I know, with your own brand of humour. The company will miss your steady hand,but whatever you take on next,I am sure you will also make it extremely successful.

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