Shippers given one week to shift their customs-cleared boxes from Manila

Manila: Shippers have one week to shift their overstaying boxes at terminals in Manila, according to the latest edict from the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA).

PPA general manager Juan Sta. Ana said boxes after September 8 would be shipped immediately to the ports of Subic and Batangas at the expense of the shippers.

“Please understand that this is not to punish our importers but only to clear as much space as possible in preparation for the influx of cargoes due to the peak season and reduce pressure on inflation,” he said.

Shippers in Manila are not happy with this latest move designed to decongest the busy terminals in Manila. “The measure is unrealistic,” Henry J. Schumacher, executive director of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP), told local media. “The issue is access to the ports and availability of trucks. It is unlikely that the congestion can really be solved before the end of the year if not all stakeholders work closely together.”

He added: “One of the issues to be addressed is the franchise for trucks-for-hire. This needs to be abolished now.”  [01/09/14]




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