Shipping’s global regulatory framework under threat from lack of consensus

Shipping’s global regulatory framework is under threat from a lack of consensus on major issues, a survey has found.

The latest MarPoll, the quarterly topical survey carried on this site, has garnered hundreds of votes and comments.

More than three quarters of readers to date believe the current global regulatory framework is indeed under threat.

“The consensus won’t be reached as it is currently being driven by a political agenda,” one respondent commented.

Another reader warned the IMO could become an irrelevance. “The regulatory singularity has happened in maritime (cyber) so going forward IMO will largely be an irrelevance,” the Splash reader commented.

MarPoll results will be unveiled in the next issue of Maritime CEO magazine. Other topics for debate include the average lifespan of ships, financing retrofits and the future of the VLOC trades.

There is no registration and voting takes as little as just two minutes – although we do also value comments left by each question posed. To vote, click here.

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