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Shore power to hit the docks of Tianjin

Beijing: A new shore power supply will be launched at Pacific Terminal in the Port of Tianjin before the end of this year, the second such project to be completed in China so far.

Tianjin Binhai Power Supply Company and Tianjin Port are jointly developing the current 10kV, 50Hz input utility power to 6.6kV, 60Hz vessel power. The project is currently undergoing commissioning and will go live in the next month.

Shanghai Port has also trialled shore power at its Waigaoqiao terminal, and is now keen to add it to its Yangshan deepwater port as well as the Shanghai Wusong Cruise Terminal.

On completion, Tianjin Port will be able to provide shore power to box ships over 150,000 dwt, the port authority said. This could reduce CO2 emissions by up to 10,810 tonnes every year.

Tianjin Binhai Power Supply Company and Tianjin Maritime Safety Administration are to install shore power at 28 terminals at Tianjin Port, after signing an agreement in August this year.

Shanghai Port signed an EcoPartnership deal with the Port of Los Angeles in July this year to help learn from the US port’s shore power capabilities. [26/11/14]



Shanghai signs with LA to develop shore power

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