Singapore authorities call for raised awareness of navigation safety

Singapore: Following three recent collisions in Singapore waters, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) is conducting investigations to determine the cause of each collision and if there were systemic issues that need to be addressed. While awaiting the outcome of these investigations, MPA will implement several measures with immediate effect to minimize future marine incidents.

MPA will conduct briefings to the shipping community to reinforce the importance of the safety of navigation in the Singapore Strait and within Singapore port waters.

MPA will also promulgate Port Marine and Shipping Circulars to the shipping and harbour craft communities, emphasising the importance of navigational safety and to maintain vigilance whilst navigating, while The Port Operations Control Centre (POCC) will also initiate broadcasts on the importance of safe navigation and vigilance in the Singapore Strait and within Singapore port waters.

"MPA is gravely concerned about the recent incidents in Singapore's waters. We are working with the Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) to take immediate steps to raise the level of awareness of navigational safety in the shipping community. MPA is committed to ensuring the safety of navigation in our waters and will work closely with our partners in the shipping community to reinforce this. MPA is also enhancing its navigational alerts to provide ship masters and pilots to help improve their situational awareness, pending the outcome of the investigations into these incidents," said Andrew Tan, MPA's chief executive.



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