Singapore link to North Korean arms smuggling

Singapore: A report released by the United Nations suggested North Korea has been using its embassy in Singapore to shift arms around the world.
Chinpo Shipping, a firm the report said was “co-located” with the North Korean embassy in Singapore, acted as the agent for a Pyongyang-based company that operated the Chong Chon Gang ship, which was arrested in Panama last year with a cargo full of Soviet era arms.
SeaShip News notes that Chinpo Shipping has an office in the Plaza on Beach Road. The company has been under investigation by Singapore authorities this year, tipped off by its alleged links to illicit North Korean arms trading.
“From the incidents analysed in the period under review, the panel has found that North Korea makes increasing use of multiple and tiered circumvention techniques,” a summary of the 127-page report said.  [12/03/14]

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