Singapore’s tight supply of local talent challenges maritime ambitions

Singapore: Singapore has severe human resources issues that may well stymie its growth as an international maritime centre.
Voting in SeaShip News’s annual online poll on Singapore closes in 24 hours, the results thus far bring both good and bad news to local authorities. While respondents believe the city-state is among the leading maritime centres in the world, some 77.78% of voters so far believe the local talent pool is not nearly big enough, with too many other industries luring people away from maritime-related careers.
“The issue is whether they are prepared to join the maritime sector. Unemployment is low and competition from other sectors is immense,” commented one respondent.
SeaShip News’s online poll on Singapore closes on Tuesday. To vote is free, takes just two minutes and there is no registration. If you want to leave a comment, please do! Results of the poll will be revealed in SeaShip News’s annual Singapore magazine due out next week. 
To vote, click here.  [24/11/14]

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