Special Zoom issue of Maritime CEO magazine launches

A special Zoom-style issue of Maritime CEO magazine launches today, highlighting the many people interviewed so far in our new TV series.

The Maritime CEO Leader Series powered by Ocean Technologies Group has featured 25 top names in shipping from around the world to date – a diverse range of men and women from all strands of the maritime industry, providing a snapshot of an extraordinary moment in time as shipping grapples with the coronavirus.

This special issue features the highlights and key comments from the first 16 episodes of the show and includes the thoughts of the president of BIMCO, the chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping, and the chairman of the International Group of P&I Clubs – all giving their take on how the coronavirus will shape shipping in the years ahead.

To access the magazine online, click here.


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  1. When 29 out of the 30 participants come from a single race/ethnic background, it just shows how serious the industry is about “diversity”!

    1. Dear Gautam,

      You may be right but you have to appreciate how many female leaders are there in this special edition of the Maritime CEO as well as be proud of how one of your fellow countryman is featured too. The industry is slowly changing, give it some time, it is a reactive industry after all.

      1. Dear Lex
        My countryman?? Did you just assume my nationality?
        Next, I don’t “have to” do anything that I don’t want to. I stopped listening to my mum over two decades ago!
        Since you spoke of the representation of ONE Indian gentleman, may I remind you of the lopsided nature of the C-suite in the industry, where professionally qualified Indians form most of the middle management, while White males (who many a times lack professional industry qualifications/experience) fill the C-suite?
        This is clearly not how a fair system should work. Changing an unfair and discriminatory system should not be gradual!

        PS: I realised that it was 23 out 24 instead of 29 out of 30 as I had initially posted.

    2. Captain Gautam, I do agree – much more to be done here. Happy to see more gender diversity, but we’re far from fully diverse yet.

  2. Dear Gautam,
    Your name is typical of those with Indian heritage, I apologise for the misuse of “countryman” in the context of nationality. Would definitely be proud to have people of your own heritage in the scene, no?

    Sure, you’re the man.

    It is loop-sided due to heritage of many of these companies as well as their geographic location, that is for sure; however you cannot use personal anecdote to casually dismiss a single race (& gender) and singling out another to be better than the other, it is unfair too. Also, there are many other institutions who have heads belonging to the Indian heritage.

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