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Splash Extra: Fevered start to the new decade

Splash Extra turns one-year-old today with a bumper issue featuring the thoughts of more than 30 shipowners.

The full impact of the coronavirus on shipping volumes for the dry bulk, tanker and container trades leads the issue with the thoughts of shipowners Graham Porter, Robert Bugbee, Tim Huxley and maritime economist Dr Martin Stopford included.

Paul Over, the veteran Hong Kong-based shipping investor, told Splash Extra: “This is going to hit everything so shipping will be hit too. You cannot shut down Wuhan, a 10m person city and extend Chinese New Year across China without demand falling, factories remaining shut and cargoes deferred.” The lead story also features plenty of commodity projections from leading banks.

Inside the January edition is a new regular feature. Analyst Abstract will now be published every issue, featuring the best snippets of the hundreds of shipping research reports issued every month.

Elsewhere, the main feature this month looks at how the actual business of shipowning has changed over the past decade and how it is set to transform in the 2020s with Robert Burke, CEO of Ridgebury Tankers, one of many owners canvassed, arguing that traditional ownership is no longer an efficient way of competing in the shipping sector.

“Ownership,” according to Burke, “has continued to become less integrated and has continued to follow the airplane/hotel/real estate format where various disciplines have become specialised.”

On the back page of this special anniversary issue, Splash Extra forks out to consult a Feng Shui master on shipping prospects in the Year of the Rat. When it comes to things to avoid in the coming 12 months, we were told the colours green or brown, whether it be the paint job on your ship or the flag you fly should be avoided. Could this be a bonanza for marine paint suppliers, our special correspondent muses, writing: “Will we see a new livery on those distinctive BW Group ships? Or is it simpler (not to mention cheaper) to just describe the colour scheme as ‘lime and russet’?”

All this is packed together with unrivalled data, graphs and market commentary. Splash Extra comes out on the last Wednesday of every month. Subscription prices are set to rise from their current $100 annual fee in seven days’ time so sign up today to get shipping’s most insightful monthly snapshot. To subscribe, click here.


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