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Splash writer’s livestock exposés recognised

One of the most high profile writers for Splash has been honoured with a unique award for animal protection.

Dr Lynn Simpson, the vet who has done more to shine a light on the horrendous conditions of livestock aboard ships than anyone else, was handed a special award last week for her series of exposés carried on Splash. The Outstanding Contribution to Building Awareness of Animal Protection was handed to the ex-livestock vet at the annual Voiceless Awards held in Australia, a ceremony which celebrates the animal protection movement.

The award organisers lauded Lynn for providing an “unprecedented view of the true horrors of the live export industry through her series of honest and deeply personal accounts, detailing the experiences of animals on live export vessels”.

“The power and impact of writing from firsthand experience, in addition to the bravery Dr Lynn Simpson displayed in publicly bearing witness to these horrors, was highly commendable,” Elise Burgess, a Voiceless spokesperson, commented.

Speaking with Splash today, Lynn said: “For over a decade I worked within the trade trying to improve animal welfare. I believed it would be easier to change the score of the game from the inside. Ironically since being thrust out of the trade as a result of corruption I have had much more influence in raising awareness of animal and seafarer welfare from the sidelines.

“This award represents the nearing of a tipping point in welfare awareness internationally and personally I feel it vindicates all that I have endured to raise this awareness. I’m tremendously grateful to Splash and other media outlets for the opportunity to tell it as it is, in all its raw grossness, and also to Animal welfare organisations such as Voiceless for recognition of my efforts.”

To access Lynn’s archive of shocking livestock reports, click here.

At the same time as her series of articles were getting noticed by Voiceless, publishers have also picked up on Lynn’s writing and she is now writing about her experiences for a book to be launched later this year.


  1. The award is well deserved. Dr.Lynn is the super hero in my eyes, for she exposed Australia’s hypocrisy and double standards, full of corrupt unethical practised, who tried to hogwash the world.

    Now internationally, Australia must be condemned and pressurized to improve on the animal welfare. Well done Dr.Lynn. Bravo…

  2. This is a very well deserved award.

    To the shame of the shipping industry Press, Dr Simpson received no recognition from the shipping Press awards, but this just shows the shipping Press to be a bunch of tarts, and takes nothing from Dr Simpson’s achievement.

  3. One takeaway from Lynn’s articles has been the sad truth that despite various efforts to improve conditions for animals during sea transport, the suffering continues. By drawing readers’ attention to animal transport conditions at sea, the series helpfully contributed towards broadening public awareness beyond what has been achieved via various YouTube videos regarding similar animal suffering during road haulage. A very well-deserved award. Hopefully this will eventually lead to documentaries and more enhanced public awareness.

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