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Stadt: Looking to power different ship types

Oslo: Norwegian electric propulsion firm Stadt is eyeing new markets such as military, cruise and mid-sized LNG carriers.

The company’s ceo, Hallvard Slettevoll, says his fifth generation electric propulsion system is very scalable so the system can power all types of ships.

He claims his no loss system is the most sustainable on the market today due to its reliability.

“The worst thing that can happen for an owner is if a ship goes off hire,” he says, adding: “We can help guarantee that will not happen.”

Describing Stadt as a “small, dynamic” company, Slettevoll says he has no intention of selling up.

“We will have people knocking on our doors wanting our technology, but we are not looking for an exit,” he says.

Slettevoll started Stadt Automasjon in 1986, developing four generations of AC drive technologies, all based on pulse with modulation. He sold all these products to Swiss giant ABB in 2001.

As soon as the sale was out the way however, Slettevol, now 54, established Stadt AS, bringing to market a fifth generation of AC drive technology.

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