Strict security measures at Suez ports after yesterday’s explosions

Cairo: The Chairman of the Red Sea Ports Authority, Major General Hassan Falah, said that strict security measures are taking place in the ports overlooking the Gulf of Suez and around the Red Sea Ports Authority's building. These measures are precautionary measures to secure vital buildings coming after a nearby explosion, which occurred near the military intelligence building in the Province of Ismailia, on Saturday.

Falah said today that the police and army forces had combed all ports, using weapons and explosives detection devices, in order to secure the ports, including Ain Sukhna Port. He stressed that foreign trucks are being inspected, especially those coming from abroad to Adabiya Port in Suez. 

Falah mentioned that work within the ports aren't in full swing due to the general tension and the expectation of terror attacks in the area of Suez. [20/10/13]

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