TCC and USC makes emissions breakthrough

TCC and USC makes emissions breakthrough

Hong Kong shipowner Tai Chong Cheang Steamship (TCC) and the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering have announced a significant research breakthrough as part of a research program focused on improving marine diesel combustion efficiency and the reduction of exhaust gases via the application of nanosecond pulsed generation technology.

The group’s experiments both in laboratories, and via a series of recent sea trials, consistently cut nitrogen oxide emissions at the point of exhaust by almost 90 percent and reduced particulate matter by up to 75 percent.

“We believe that this game-changing solution will allow owners and managers to unshackle themselves from the present constraint of slow steaming as the only means to realize lower fuel consumption. I believe this research and its culmination announced today could have fundamental long- term implications for the global shipping industry,” said Kenneth Koo, chief executive officer of TCC.

The research and development address the present large fleet of vessels powered by large bore marine diesel engines already in service and an equally large number of new construction vessels due for delivery within the next three to five years.

“While game-changing solutions through alternative energy consumption, especially with LNG, are likely the long term future of the shipping industry, the infrastructure developments for LNG being in their infancy and the prospects of retrofitting present ships with LNG machinery system very unlikely at best, we must research solutions that addresses present designs to tackle present challenges,” Koo added.

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