Thai marine head outlines port plans

Bangkok: Chula Sukmanop, director-general of Thailand’s Marine Department, is putting on a charm offensive to convince locals of the importance of the Pak Bara deepsea port in the southern province of Satun. The port’s construction has already been delayed due to opposition from local people.

Chula has stressed that the deepsea port would have only light industries built around it, while the port could help generate more income for locals and further develop the province.

The port could become a “gateway for exporting goods to India and Europe”, he said.

The four-year construction is tentatively set to start in 2016-17, with investment of more than Bt10bn.

Chula has also revealed that the port of Songkhla in the Gulf of Thailand will be expanded as it is already operating beyond its design capacity.  [30/07/14]

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