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The Chi Company: Getting closer to your customers

Hong Kong: A meticulous eye for detail and a willingness to try different things and to go the extra mile always set Greg March apart from others in the maritime events world. Now as he embarks on a new chapter of his career, helming his own firm, The Chi Company, it is these qualities that have brought in clients thick and fast.

March’s career in marketing and events spans a couple of decades – he has been associated with marquee names in the maritime events world such as TOC and TPM, while also assisting big names such as the BBC on location shoots. However, after such a long time working for others, March, a long term Hong Kong resident, felt the time was right six months ago to go it alone.

“The Chi Company was born from a desire to create marketing and events with energy and act as the co-creator of these projects with our clients,” March explains. “A great deal of time can be wasted and focus lost within large and small companies and having a third party service provider to hone in on your creative and targeted media needs is our aim and successfully giving you higher ROI on your event and marketing spend our objective.”

As for the name of the company, March says he has always resonated with the Chinese word for energy, Chi.

The shipping and logistics industries have traditionally been so hands on with the nuts and bolts of moving cargo with limited resources, hence the marketing and media side of the business has sometimes been overlooked, March suggests. However, now with rising fuel and other costs and a greater emphasis on productivity, companies must achieve, he claims, better customer service and greater market exposure to clients, letting them know they can trust their service provider.

“The Chi Company’s marketing and event services can help you achieve exactly that,” March maintains. Marketing also includes extensive capabilities in social media.

The Chi Company has a growing number of clients from London, Hong Kong and Singapore in its first few months of operations.  [17/09/14]

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