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The winners and losers from the redrawn commodities map

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” One of hundreds of famous quotations from Britain’s most famous war-time leader, Sir Winston Churchill, and a maxim shipping has learned a lot about over the last 35 days of war in eastern Europe.

The changed fortunes of individual ship types following the Russian invasion of Ukraine forms the lead and much of the markets commentary inside the latest issue of Splash Extra.

Analysts survey which ship types are set to be the winners and losers in the long run as global commodity maps are redrawn.

“The Ukrainian invasion will have deep and meaningful consequences for oil trade and tanker deployment,” said Dr Adam Kent, managing director at Maritime Strategies International (MSI) in the article, which also focuses on the long term repercussions for dry bulk flows and the altered outlook for the gas trades.

Inside the March issue of Splash Extra, there is regular markets commentary, a deep-dive into this month’s trends in S&P, while the main feature identifies just how far reaching and onerous the impending European emission trading scheme will be for shipping.

Published on the last Wednesday of every month and priced for as little as $200 a year, Splash Extra serves as a concise monthly snapshot, ensuring readers are on top of where the shipping markets are headed.

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