TII Group: Transport demands picking up

Pfedelbach: Despite the downturn in shipbuilding certain elements of the sector have continued to prosper. Take the niche shipyard transporter segment for example. Shipyard consolidation has meant bigger yards focusing more on bigger vessels, both for commercial shipping and offshore, and this has brought an increased need for those special flat trucks that shift much of the heavy material around in the assembly of a vessel. That is the view of Bernd Schwengsbier, the president of Germany’s Transport Industry International Sales, a firm specializing in selling shipyard transporters by top names such as Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag.
“The reorganization process in the industry partly even propels our business due to investments in infrastructure. The module sizes and payloads rise continuously,” says Schwengsbier.
Business is ticking over well for TII  with new production halls, orders coming in and the number of people employed at the company going up.
“Clients are asking for excellent products for a reasonable price – especially, when the total cost of ownership during the whole lifespan of the vehicles is taken into consideration,” says Schwengsbier, adding: “Considering the lifespan of our product our clients save money with our vehicles – and this is exactly what they aim for. They want safety – consider for example the costs of a vehicle failure during an oil platform construction. The damage can be immense, that’s why reliability is the money saver number one.”  [11/11/13]

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