Greater China

Time to develop ocean economy


Dalian: China has big capacity and resources for the marine industry. Under the current depressed shipbuilding market, the nation should greatly develop the ocean economy to better use the facilities, Fang Shujia, vice president of the Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (CSNAME) said during the 2012 Shiptec in Dalian yesterday.

The ocean economy should be a new development trend for China shipbuilding industry. The nation has 6,200 non-residential islands, which are big resources to develop offshore, yacht, cruise, passenger-roro vessels, fishing boats and tourism. Fang said: “The shipbuilding downturn makes many facilities stop operation, that is a waste of resources, and that is why we should develop ocean economy to make the capacity work again.” He added: “The shipbuilding industry is difficult at present, we should support the development of relevant industries, and that would be a long-term strategy.”  [24/10/12]

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