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TMT to appeal judgement

London: Nobu Su has spoken out at his disappointment at the latest court ruling against his company, and has vowed the appeal the judgement from the UK in the case between TMT Liberia and Lakatamia.

Greek owner Polys Haji-Ioannou, who owns the single-ship company Lakatamia, has yesterday won a claim of close to $38m against TMT chairman Nobu Su. The case revoled around a failed FFA from 2008.

Speaking on Wednesday, a spokesman for TMT commented that “Mr Su and the TMT companies are surprised and disappointed with Justice Cooke’s ruling.”

TMT’s spokesman went on to say: “Lakatamia’s disclosure, or rather the lack of it, has been appalling. There’s a raft of documents which they refused to produce to the court. TMT will seek legal advice but is determined that to make sure documentation used to support Lakatamia’s claim is made available to TMT in full.”  [06/11/14]



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