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To the Point Communications: Telling shipping’s story

By common consent Mike Zampa is one of the good guys in shipping. Everyone who has had dealings with him – whether clients or journalists – has good words to say about this American communications expert.

After a long career, first in newspapers and then in business communications, Zampa has decided to set up on his own. He shares today with Maritime CEO hisadvice for shipping and its public face, gleaned over decades of working for famous lines and ports around the world.

Zampa’s career includes stints at APL and NOL, working under Ron Widdows and more recently working with the Port of Oakland.

“I’ve retired from the daily grind but don’t want to lose touch with friends, colleagues or the business of trade and transportation. Offering communications support gives me the chance to stay in the industry I love,” Zampa says of his decision to establish To the Point Communications in California. He’s quickly picked up a couple of clients, and is typically relaxed about further growth.

“My aim is to work with organisations I admire and people I enjoy,” he says.

Zampa’s corporate communications advice to shipping in terms of how to get its message better across to the general public?

“Keep up a steady drumbeat of communication,” Zampa says. “We must tell our story repeatedly. Shipping has been around since Jason and the Argonauts. That makes it easy to overlook. Let’s remind people we’re here.”

The other key advice from this communications expert is to always answer the following question: So what?

“We’ve got to explain to people why we’re telling our story, why they should listen, and what it means to their lives and livelihoods,” Zampa explains.

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