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Total Marine Solutions: Taking shipping’s pulse

Fort Lauderdale: If shipping downturns can be judged by sales of new marine equipment then the worst of the nightmare past five years would appear to be over, says the president of Total Marine Solutions (TMS) in our latest WISTA special interview on Maritime CEO.
Alexandra Anagnostis-Irons founded Total Marine Solutions in 2000 after 16 years in the cruise sector.
The objective was to develop an organisation focused on supplying MARPOL compliant systems to shipowners and operators with the highest levels of support and customer service. 
“Our strong, long-standing partnerships with solid manufacturers of innovative technology and unsurpassed customer focus has proven to be a solid foundation from which TMS has evolved and continues to grow,” says Anagnostis-Irons.
As the regulatory requirements for environmental compliance continue to increase, TMS plans to build upon its current portfolio of products and services to support our customers.  â€¨â€¨
In addition to further developing its product and service offerings, TMS is working closely with US maritime academies to supplement their environmental compliance programs.  â€¨â€¨â€¨
On the current business environment, Anagnostis-Irons is hopeful. “We all sincerely hope that the worst of the downturn is over and, if new equipment sales is any indication, activity this year would indicate that this is the case,” she says.
Anagnostis-Irons has some advice for those in sales, gleaned from the past shipping recession.
“Remaining in front of your customers during the tough times, even when you know spending is on hold, is very important,” she says.
Having been a member of WISTA since 2007, Anagnostis-Irons next year becomes president of WISTA USA.
“One of our main goals for WISTA USA in the coming year,” she says, “is to push the profile of our association and working to meet the challenge put forward by Karin Orsel, president of WISTA International. The target has been put forward to the current 33 NWA’s to help reach the goal of 2,500 members by 2015 and 4,000 members by 2020 – attainable targets based on the membership growth trend.”
More on those goals tomorrow in our final WISTA special.  [08/11/13]




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