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Transas: ‘How technology can leverage competence in shipping’

It’s one month today until giant cruise conglomerate Carnival opens a world-leading training facility, the Ariston Maritime Centre, in the Netherlands. The $100m project will allow 6,500 seafarers to be trained using Transas simulators, and for Frank Coles, the ceo of Transas, this investment by Carnival should be looked at closely by commercial shipping.

“We can learn a lot in general maritime from cruise’s commitment to safety and training,” says Coles.

Coles is adamant that shipping is finally getting its head around how technology can save the industry money. Never short of a great quote, Coles tells Maritime CEO: “There’s a realisation that shipping is at last coming out of the closet as far as the realisation goes about operating the ship from the shore, and jointly managing the ship from the shore too.”

A number of pioneers, principally containerlines, are creating fleet resource management centers ashore, he observes. As well as the liners, some large shipmanagers are also looking at this concept too, Coles reveals, musing that the next model for shipmanagers, who are striving to make a profit, is to have far greater visibility into their fleets.

For Coles, who likes to weigh in on how he envisages big changes in shipping, he can see chief engineers taking on the technical superintendent roles at leading shipmanagers.

Despite the realisation of how technology can change shipping, Coles admits we are only at the beginning of a long path of maritime tech adoption, concluding: “We have barely scratched the surface with how technology can leverage competence in shipping.”

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