Two Greek firms and engineers convicted of illegal discharges in US waters

Two Greek firms and engineers convicted of illegal discharges in US waters

A court in Greenville, North Carolina has convicted two Greek firms and two ship engineers for illegally discharging oily waste into US waters last year.

The two companies (Oceanic Illsabe Limited and Oceanfleet Shipping Limited) and the two individuals (Rustico Yabut Ignacio and Cassius Flores Samson) were found guilty of violating the Act to Prevent Pollution from Ships (APPS), obstruction of justice, false statements, witness tampering and conspiracy.

It all relates to events on the general cargo ship Ocean Hope, co-owned by both companies, in June 2015 when chief engineer Ignacio and second engineer Samson used a so-called “magic pipe” to circumvent the oil-water separator. They also falsified the ship’s oil record book. They also pumped oily water from the vessel’s bilges directly into the ocean and instructed crew members to lie to US Coast Guard investigators.

Each company could be fined $500,000 for each count on which they are convicted. And the engineers face a possible 20-year prison term for obstruction of justice.

Donal Scully

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    Brian R. McCaughrin
    September 5, 2016 at 6:58 pm

    The Greenville Court House in Greenville, North Carolina, I, Hope has Big Balls to Keep to its wording of: Possible and “Could Be” Fined..Ocean Shipping Limited and Oceanic Illsable Limited, Both Greek Owned Ship-Owners, Who Ship, Polluted U.S. Waters, & Its Employees Lie Under Oath. The Vessel in Question is the MV. OCEAN HOPE, Which Is Registry Under Panama Flag, The Most Lack Luster Country, Part Of The Flag of Convenience (FOC) Countries, Who Save Ship Owners Billion of Dollars a Year in Safety Regulation & Equipment for the Ship & Its Crew Safety should be #1, & It Is not, Only Profit, Profit, Profit, Is. The Cargo Vessel Its self MV. OCEAN HOPE, Should be Blacklisted & Banned from Any U.S. Port for Five (5) Years, and Each of These company in question, Should Be Fined $1B dollars U.S. Dollars. This will stand as quick reminder That This type of business behavior, Will not be tolerated in Any U.S. Water, Period. Otherwise It will happen again….