Ulbricht joins DVB

Singapore: A well-known name in Singapore banking circles has jumped ship from Deutsche Bank to DVB Bank. Felix Ulbricht, 47, has been appointed head of the DVB’s container, car carrier, Intermodal and ferry group based in Hamburg, New York and Singapore

Ulbricht was head of Deutsche Shipping Asia since 2008, where he was responsible for establishing Deutsche Bank’s market presence in Asian shipping finance.

Ralf Bedranowsky, member of DVB Bank’s board of managing directors, commented: “The shipping industry remains an attractive market for DVB, and a market where we want to further expand our outstanding position and focused expertise. With Felix Ulbricht, we will strengthen our management team with an internationally-renowned shipping finance expert who also brings with him many years of extensive experience in Corporate Finance. This combination of expertise is important to our clients, and will help us to remain a sought-after partner to the global shipping industry.”  [01/07/14]

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