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US Commerce Dept accuses Chengxi Shipyard of selling below cost

Shanghai: A Chinese shipyard is among a number of firms accused of building wind turbines below cost, bringing extra duties for exports bound for the US.

The US Commerce Department announced its affirmative preliminary determinations in the antidumping duty investigations of imports of utility scale wind towers from China.

Chinese firms had been illegally selling steel towers for wind turbines below the cost of production and would have to pay duties of 20.85 to 72.69 percent on imports, the US maintains.

In this investigation, mandatory respondents Chengxi Shipyard Co Limited and Titan Wind Energy received preliminary dumping margins of 30.93% and 20.85%, respectively. Three other exporters qualified for a separate rate of 26.25%. All other Chinese producers/exporters received a preliminary dumping margin of 72.69%.  [30/07/12]

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