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Veson Nautical: Technology ROIs

Boston: John Veson has been in maritime software most of his working life. He freely admits that in the current market environment these are difficult times, yet there are opportunities, especially with more forward thinking shipowners.

“We’ve experienced eight years of low rates with increased volatility and there’s no clear indication that this year will be less challenging,” Veson says.

Veson admits it can be challenging to convince companies to invest in a down market. Nevertheless, his software company, Veson Nautical, has been able to sustain a double-digit growth rate year-to-date.

Veson’s Integrated Maritime Operations System (IMOS) is an out-of-the-box enterprise solution that facilitates what the company’s founder describes as “smart decisions” at every stage of a voyage – chartering, operations, finance, risk management, and beyond. Meanwhile, its cloud-based Veslink platform collects, analyses and shares maritime data.

“IMOS and Veslink transform the constant flow of shipping data into a strategic asset, fostering collaboration and communication, thus driving more informed decision-making and a return on investment in a matter of months,” Veson claims.

Veson says clients in today’s tough trading conditions want cost-effective solutions that provide near-immediate return on investment, something his firm, he says, is able to deliver.



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