VesselMan: Drydocking tool

VesselMan: Drydocking tool

Stig Linna, the founder and ceo of Norwegian tech firm Kaizit, is back on Maritime CEO today discussing his cloud based management system, VesselMan. The tool is designed to be a companion for fleet managers, delivering an easy to use management system that provides transparency, cost control and effective knowledge transfer in order to work smarter.

VesselMan includes a modern drydocking tool in order to streamline the planning and execution of repair operations. The system is designed to work on top of an existing PMS system, and according to Linna, using it should see drydocking costs come down by at least 10%.

Linna and his team have been working closely with many Norwegian fleet managers in order to design new ways of digitalising a systematic way of work.

“It is no longer acceptable to work the same way as we have done for the last 30 years, running costly procurement and repair operations based on each individuals practices and fragile excel spread sheets,” Linna says.

The Norwegian believes that that the combination of improved operational planning and management and the use of shared knowledge based specifications is the key to improving how shipping goes about its daily chores.

While Linna is adamant that there is plenty of top management in shipping looking for solutions in order to start digitalisation, few are willing to be pioneers.

“It´s always the risk of failing that often ends up in a lets wait and see mentality,” he comments.

Linna’s company is also offereing cloud based solutions for maritime sales and key account management and a new ISM approved safety system is to be launched soon.

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