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Videotel: Training from afar

There are some nimble maritime companies that have seen their business actually grow during the current pandemic. Few more so than Videotel where online training has leapt 173% since the coronavirus first started to manifest.

Keen to spread his knowhow, Raal Harris, the managing director of the UK company, will be hosting a webinar on Thursday at 10am UK time. Entitled ‘Learning in lockdown – Creating good distance learning experiences’, the presentation is intended for those responsible for their organisation’s training strategy, those looking to transform their classroom courses to online and tutors keen to understand how best to deliver programmes of training and education over video conferencing technology.

Harris, who was a university lecturer before joining Videotel in 2004, reckons the key for those attempting to work out how to get the most out of distance learnings in these locked-down times is to try and fathom what works better online and then to rethink how to use the tools at their disposal to ensure they meet their learning objectives and create a valuable experience for the learner.

Videotel was quick to respond to Covid-19, establishing a free video resource that has proven hugely popular, as well as adding free mental health resources to aid seafarers around the world during these extraordinary times. Videotel’s array of video production talent has also been instrumental in getting the Maritime CEO Leader Series of interviews launched last week.

Among other recent initatives Videotel, now part of Ocean Technologies Group, is working with the Nautical Institute and owners to help them keep their classroom courses going by combining a virtual classroom with Videotel material.

Harris says he can see “behavioural change” in the way training is happening since the onset of coronavirus.

“My take is that people are looking for short-term solutions, however this will inevitably be a disruptor and if people see things working I am sure that we will see the trend continue,” Harris says, adding: “Moreover Covid-19 is not going away, there are very likely to be further flareups so I can’t see anyone not making changes to their strategy, even if it is only as contingency.”

To register for Thursday’s free webinar, click here.


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