Vietnamese carriers affected by tensions with China

Hanoi: Vietnam shipping firms have become more cautious about navigating in the disputed East Sea area, said a high ranking official from Vietnam’s largest state-owned shipping line, Vinalines.

Vietnam calls the waters to its east the East Sea, while China refers to the area as the South China Sea.

Le Anh Son, the ceo of Vinalines said Sino-Viet tensions in the area had adversely affected activities of the company.

“It would be better to be more cautious when going through the disputed area, think more carefully and keep a long-term vision when considering business contracts,” he said. “Any minor trouble, such as ships being seized by Chinese agencies at Chinese ports, could cause Vinalines to incur financial damages,” he said.

The Sino-Viet tensions on drilling rights in the disputed sea area have heated up recently and it has caused several conflicts between ships from the two countries. [04/06/14]

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