Vroon: Searching niche consolidation opportunities

Vroon: Searching niche consolidation opportunities

Breskens: Coco Vroon, who heads up one of Europe’s most diversified shipping companies, is on the hunt for consolidation opportunities in niche markets. The managing director of Vroon, a company with some 165 vessels to its name, tells Maritime CEO: “We are always looking for niche markets where you can make a difference, where you can hope to add value that people would be prepared to pay for.”

Vroon says the company is particularly focused on sectors that, he reckons, need consolidation, such as tankers. Vroon thinks that bigger owners are able to offer more flexible services, and by extension commandeer higher margins.

On tankers, Vroon admits he has been surprised by how much the sector has picked, but he questions how long the bullrun can last. On the markets as a whole, he is not at all positive for this year.

“Demand for maritime transport is okay,” he says, “but tonnage supply is so overwhelming. There are too many ships that we are a long way away from balance.”

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    Michael Ranpimo
    July 1, 2015 at 8:40 am

    What does he expect, to be the only one in the world to build new tonnage in China?
    He could declare: “hey guys stop newbuilding, I am the only one to do it!”